What is a SpiritTech

What makes a person a SpiritTech is there ability to embraced their spiritual gifts in a way that allows them to deliver it back to their community, and allows it to cause a powerful shift in each person that the SpiritTech comes in contact with. SpiritTech’s show up as shamans, spiritual elders, healers, ritualists, singers, dancers, mystics, lore-keepers, Medicine people, teachers, mother’s, father’s, etc.

They usually hear a call from a deep well within themselves, that nags away for a long time. Most ignore their path and calling. Here in the modern world we do not have a language of support that allows us to live our life and embrace our sacredness. We live in an either or environment and fall into the trap of the illusion. In indigenous culture most are expected to live their lives in community as a “normal” person until they reach a certain age. Then they are given a time to embrace their sacredness.

SpiritTech learn the art of Seeing, Tasting, Touching and Listening from the whole body and beyond. This breaks them free of the illusion. They understand their connection to Angels, Ancestors, Guardian Spirits, etc. which expands their connection to the “other”, the earth and universe.

They have learned to communicate in ways that move people’s spirit, hearts and minds in ways that change the world.

SpiritTech understand that Spirituality & Metaphysics is science that has yet to be verified.

Inspire Yourself and Others to Be and Live Fully

  • Do you want the skills to unlock the hidden potential in both yourself and others?
  • Would you like to be able to assist people to transform their lives?
  • Would you like to understand & master powerful mentoring and consulting tools?
  • Would you like to inspire a team/community toward a common vision?
  • Are you interested in leading people through shamanic journey’s?
  • Are you interested in learning deeper levels of divination?
  • Do you want to be recognized and respected as a great leader/elder/mentor/guru?
  • Do you want freedom and adventure in your life?
  • Are you committed to living your dreams?
  • Do you dream of living an extraordinarily abundant and prosperous lifestyle?
  • Are you ready to tap into your passion for making all of these things a reality?

About the Spiritual Technology Corp.

The Spiritual Technology Corp. is a global enterprise that provides powerful education, rituals, ceremonies and events that rapidly elevates the quality of your life by immediately increasing your ability to experience, create and contribute your gifts on a massive scale. This is accomplished by providing traditional & indigenous rituals/ceremonies and incorporating them with modern motivational & experiential techniques. The Spiritual Technology Corp., team is committed to creating a worldwide shift towards every human, being empowered to live their grandest dreams by radically shifting the collective consciousness through social, communal and corporate means.

The Spiritual Technology Corp.
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